PST Cleaning

In need of an experienced company to shine your region? P. S. T CLEANING is what you need! We invest in the latest technological cleaning machines while utilizing a wide range of American biodegradable products.

So we propose to you a menu of high end cleaning solutions adapted to your needs. Our industrial cleaning protocol consider the pace and demands of your production tool and we assure you a year round quality industrial cleaning service.

For P.S.T Cleaning, the industrial cleaning goes beyond the simple cleanliness of your infrastructure and include equally the use of appropriate and innovative means with a group of professionals who ensure cleanliness.


The success of P.S.T Cleaning rests on the innovation, efficiency and durability of our services as we are using the latest cleaning technologies.

Green Technology

We use 100% green cleaning product with proven cleaning results and safe to use: not harmful for your health neither for the environment.


Our service is performed with high end precision machines to ensure a high level of cleanliness.